Sally Hansen Velvet Nail Polish Review

Sally Hansen Velvet Nail Polish Review

I do a 5 star rating system on all haul item’s, this is an example of how it works:
I review the item, quality and price mainly. If shipped from an online supplier, I will also add in shipping wait time vs packaging.
1 Star: Item/Quality/Price Negative(not good quality and pricey)
2 Stars: Product may be okay but quality is off w/price
3 Stars:Item/Quality is okay but price is off
4 Stars: Quality is okay-Price is okay-Shipping Wait Time was bad
5 Stars-Quality/Price/Item/Shipping/Package all equal
This is just an example of how I rate my items. 
Sally Hansen Velvet Nail Polish Review
I ordered this polish off ebay. 
You can click the suppliers name and you will be taken to their ebay page.


The polish was $4.94 USD-Free shipping. 
It took 4 business days to reach my house.  It came normal delivery with tracking and packing. 
So far this seller is the cheapest I can find on ebay, with shipping fee’s, that sales this polish brand.  However, just a little side note, the seller does not have all the velvet polish collection colors for sale. She had the one I purchased, Velour and a secondary velvet polish called Lavish.  I checked today and she is sold out of Lavish and only has a few of the Velour left to sale. Hey, but that is no issue. At the end of this review, I will have provided you with other suppliers and their reviews.  
I purchased,
The Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Polish
Velour #640
The polish is a light pigmented purple. 
When applying the velvet texture polish, you need to gently shake up the polish, add first coat normally and then add a thin layer second coat. 
There is no mention of using a top coat not have I seen other reviews using a top coat.
Obviously make sure your nail is smooth and without dust or lumps! This polish really seems to enhance any imperfections in your nail.  The polish also dries super fast. So you need to work a little quicker applying this polish than you do with other regular polishes. 
Where I have long nails I can’t use just one dip in the polish to cover my nail.  So I really had to pick up the pace, to make sure my nail was covered evenly.  
If you don’t get a even coat on your nails, it will be noticeable. 
My Review:  
I love this polish! In all honesty though I was weird about it at first.  I didn’t really like the grainy texture of the polish.  However, by the time I was done with painting my nails, I fell in love!!!
There are a couple things though that I would like to mention.
1. If you get the polish on your skin, it is super hard to come off!  I was using acetone and struggled to get the polish off.  It stains the skin a little bit.  You can see in some of the pictures that I was not 100% successful in removing the polish from my skin.
2. You have to work fast.  This polish dries amazingly fast.  You have to work fast to get your coats even before the polish sets. If not you will have a noticeable uneven lump on your nail! 
4.5 Stars
Customer Review Ratings:


$5.39 USD



“It’s a beautiful color. It also drys super fast. It was my first time trying this brand.  It was a little too much for me as far as being too thick!! I think if I put a little polish remover it would be better, but it also might ruin the texture. Maybe it’s old… who knows?”
“I gave this polish a try because I found it on sale. It has been a good product. Of course it chips after a while, but it is definitely better than many basic polishes. I would recommend it!”

“I bought this recently on a whim and didn’t expect much of it, but lemme just say I LOVE TH IS PRODUCT! it dries so so fast which is great for someone as impatient as me. the color is stunning, perfect fall/winter shade. I’m going to be purchasing this in all the other color options.”

“This polish just made a mess of my hands. It was clumpy going on even though I did very thin coats. It dried very uneven, and when I tried to take it off it really stained my hands and nails. Definitely not a fan.”


$15.00 USD

$6.49 Shipping Fee

3 Stars

Here is a screen pic of the only reviews:


$3.49 USD


4 Stars


“I like it. Very simple to use and super fast dry.”

“This is ridiculous to use. It dries so fast that I cant get a good even coat, no matter how thin I use the polish. I need a refund for this shit polish.”

“Well it is a great color and dries great but i’m not a fan of the texture.”

“Why would someone do this?”

“I love this texture polish.”

As always when going to a website to buy polish or anything really. Check to see if there is a bid option. I always find bid items for pennies on the dollar vs paying full price.  Always make sure the polish is NEW and NOT USED!!

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