Applying Nail Foils To Your Nails (without using adhesive)

Applying Nail Foils To Your Nails (without using adhesive)

Applying Nail Foils To Your Nails
(without using adhesive)
Do you love nail foils but struggle with nail glues and adhesives? No worry! You can apply nail foils by following this step by step tutorial!

Step 1:

Polish your nails in the color you want to go with your foil design. Let polish dry completely.
(if needed, you can do this with clear nails also.)
I am using a chameleon gel polish from Elite99.

Step 2:

Now you need a clear top coat.
Add a thin layer of clear top coat to your nail.
**Do NOT let dry all the way!!**
You want the clear coat to dry just enough to leave a sticky layer. Clear coat layer needs to be half and half.

Step 3:

Take your nail foil and cut out a small square of the design you choose to put on your nail.
You can do this while waiting for your polish to dry.
Line up the foil on your nail, where you want the design to go.

Step 4:

Press lightly on the foil so it will stick to your nail.
You can either use your finger or nail brush to press/brush the full design down on your nail. You need to press/brush enough to transfer the foil design onto your nail.
You can not move the foil around once it is placed on the nail.

Step 5:

You can check the design by lightly lifting up on the corner of the foil to see the design is transferring. If not press more firmly on the foil rubbing the design for a few more seconds or until you see the design transferring. Don’t get frustrated if you dont get to transfer the first time. It may take you a couple times to figure out how firmly you need to rub the nail foil and for how long for it to transfer the design.
Once you are certain the design has transferred the way you wanted it to, lightly lift the corner of the foil and peel it off.
Here is the complete smurf foil design on a nail.

Step 6:

Let your design dry for about 2 minutes and then use a topcoat, of your choice, to seal on the design.
Smurf Nail Foil Completed
Congratulations! You have now completed nail foils without adhesive!

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