Elite99 Gel Polish/Chameleon #5718

Elite99 Gel Polish/Chameleon





92 (1)


I highly recommend that when purchasing this gel polish, that you try to find these on bids using Ebay.  Bids are often a lot more cheaply priced and cost pennies on the dollar.  However, if you buy out right, they jack the price up. Because of that, I am not listing “buy here now” links. I will, however, post comments from different customers of this item.

Reviews from different customers of this item and customers I have used this polish on:


“Wow I love this polish so much. It amazes me that the color changes like it does. I will just sit and watch it all the time.”

“I had my nails done for a party in this gel polish and everyone loved it.”

“Took way to long to get here.”

“I do not really like the color but the polish is great. I did not think it would be as bright as it is. If it was a lighter shade I would like it much better.”

“Yes please!”

“Thank you so much for recommending this polish to me.  I purchased this after seeing it on your youtube channel and although I had to pay $6.00 for it, I really enjoyed the polish itself.”


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